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 Welcome to 'Re-Presenting the Artist' - the unapologetic and uplifting podcast that challenges the status quo of the art world. Hosted by former radio host and performer, Sally Sampson, this podcast is a celebration of authentic representation and storytelling. Through conversations with artists and creatives from all walks of life, Sally explores the intricacies of the art world and delves into the process of the artist.


'Re-Presenting the Artist' is not your average podcast - it's a joyful and candid exploration of identity, diversity, and inclusion in the art world. Join Sally and her guests on this journey of discovery and connection, and experience the joy of representation.

"For anyone who has been identified as a minority, we deserve to be heard. We deserve to be seen. We deserve to have equal opportunities, so we can have a seat at the table."
- Michelle Yeoh, Actress, Producer & Martial Artist

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