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The Significance of the Ankh

White Ancient Egyptian Ankh or Key of Life

The Ankh, an ancient Egyptian symbol also known as the Key of Life, represents the interconnectedness of all things. At Re-Present Studios, we believe that representation is an essential part of this interconnectedness, allowing us to see and understand the world through diverse perspectives. As the founder of Re-Present Studios is of Egyptian heritage, we honour the Ankh as a symbol of our commitment to inclusivity and representation, and recognize its significance as a part of her cultural heritage.

By embracing diversity and representation, we unlock the key to a richer and more meaningful life, one where all voices are heard and celebrated. Just as the Ankh symbolizes the cycle of life and death, our commitment to representation ensures that all stories and experiences are valued and honoured, creating a more inclusive and compassionate world for everyone.

At Re-Present Studios, we strive to use the power of storytelling to create a better future, one where the Key of Life unlocks the door to a more connected and representative world. Through our dedication to inclusivity and representation, we honour the ancient symbolism of the Ankh and build a community that celebrates the unique cultural heritage and experiences of all individuals.

Tomb of Ramose- Ancient Egyptian Art Depicting Two Ancient Egyptians

"I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept."
- Angela Davis, African-American Civil Rights Activist and Scholar


Sally, a Toronto-based professional actress, singer, and voice artist of Egyptian heritage, has worldwide stage and screen performance experience in the United Kingdom, Egypt, and Canada. Her passion for storytelling and love for people led her to create Re-Present Studios, a company born out of her own struggles to find her place in the entertainment world, due to the lack of diversity and inclusion.


Re-Present Studios is not only a platform for storytelling, but is the embodiment of Sally's personal mission to empower artists and foster safe and inclusive creative spaces. Her belief in the radical power of communities and the importance of representation, inclusivity and safe spaces fuels the work that she does, as she strives to ensure that no one else feels like an outsider or invisible in the entertainment industry.

Sally, Founder & CEO of Re-Present Studios
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